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Our Mission 
We help businesses TO HELP FAMILIES reach their fullest potential. 
Our Vision
Clean & Shine Care Association strives to be the support FAMILIES need to grow into successful WITH businesses. 
Clean & Shine Care Association  is a support association whose sole purpose is to assist businesses WITH FAMILIES TO UNDERSTAND THE education and finances ABOUT BUSINESSES. We believe that together we can all prosper as businesses with the proper guidance and assistance.  
Clean and Shine Care Association was created in 2020 after the  pandemic when it was observed that promising businesses were failing due to a decline in customer interactions. We recognize that many businesses depend on their business revenue to support their families and we want to help continue to make this a reality for all.  
Clean & Shine Care Association plans to secure the future for FAMILIES AND  businesses through education and finances.

Education: Clean & Shine Care Association will host conferences and seminars to educate business owners on various ways to grow their business to achieve its greatest success. Conferences and seminars will teach ways to manage and save money, market company products, employee interaction and management, etc. Conferences and seminars will not only educate but also give business owners an opportunity to network with each other and adopt different ideas to further develop their business.
Finances: Clean & Shine Care Association  will monthly, hand pick and award one business with a financial support grant to help their business. If a business is in need of emergency funds, Clean & Shine Care Association will give that FAMILY SUPPORT in financial support annually based on decisions of the board and availability. All businesses that join must pay a one time $100.00 membership fee, and a monthly payment of $50.00.  15% of the proceeds will go to Clean & Shine Care Association  to finance all events pertaining to the association such as conferences, seminars, marketing, travel expenses, internet exposure, etc. The remaining finances will be for our monthly grant to one business and/or for businesses that need emergency financial support. FAMILY that receive emergency funds will not have to pay back funds they receive. All contributions and donations are nonrefundable.How To Join 
Fill out new member form, review contract and sign a 2 year agreement which includes a one time $100.00 membership fee and monthly payment of $50.00

How To Donate

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Clean & Shine Care Association 
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Clean & Shine Care Association 

Clean & Shine Care Association  strives to be the support businesses need to grow through education and finances.